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A signature sweatshirt by BOSS Menswear. Offered in a relaxed fit for casual appeal, this crew-neck sweatshirt is printed with statement logo artwork and is part of our responsible style collection. For our RESPONSIBLE styles, we ensure that at least 60% or more sustainable raw materials are used. This item is part of our Less Water initiative, created using less water through specially selected raw materials and dyes. Cotton made in Africa* (CmiA) is exclusively rain fed, which means that no irrigation is used. Compared to the global average, CmiA cotton has a smaller CO2 footprint. This is mainly due to the cotton being handpicked, and therefore almost no energy from mechanical devices (e.g. tractors) is used. In general, all farmers that are part of the CmiA initiative are being trained on more sustainable farming practices. *We receive Cotton made in Africa in a mass balance system. This garment is coloured with AVITERA®, a sustainable dye that delivers high-quality colour with minimal impact on the environment. The dyeing and rinsing process consumes around 30% less water and energy than traditional dyeing methods.
Relaxed fit
Crew neck
Long sleeves
Ribbed cuffs
Standard length